Meet the essential

Smart. Simple. Convenient. Invisible.

Most planters and decorative pots are not waterproof. We are introducing a groundbreaking solution to speed up your workflow. With our inliners you can easily make every pot or planter waterproof. It prevents moisture spreading to the outside damaging your table, cupboard or floor.

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  • 1. Slip
  • 2. Trim
  • 3. Invisible
1. Slip

Put the soft and flexible Essential in your planter. It can easilt be cut or bent as needed.

2. Trim

Simply cut or trim if necessary.

3. Invisible

Now you know why we call it the invisible hero.

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Large, XLarge, XXLarge and XXXLarge are on request available with handles*

Leakproof. Sustainable. Short delivery times.

The Essential comes in 12 different sizes, with or without handles.
Find more product details in the overview below to see what size fits your need.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to cut
  • Leak proof
  • Less evaporation
  • No calcium deposits
  • Recyclable
  • Made in EU
  • invisible
  • Handles

Pots come in different shapes, materials and sizes.

And we have the fitting solution.


No matter the shape, there is always a size that fits the shape.


The Essential comes in 12 different sizes, some with or without handles.


Especially for rush baskets, it serves as a leakproof solution.

Product information

Size nameXXXX SmallXXX SmallXX SmallX SmallSmallRegularMediumLargeX LargeXX Large XXX LargeSquare
Ref NumberRef - 20012Ref - 20015Ref -20021Ref -20025Ref -20030Ref -20035Ref -20040Ref -20045Ref -20050 Ref -20055Ref -20060Ref -20038
High12cm high15 cm high16cm high15cm high22cm high25cm high30cm high35cm high38cm high40cm high45cm high30cm high
Top12ø Top15ø Top21ø Top25ø Top30ø Top35ø Top40ø Top45ø Top50ø Top55ø Top60ø Top38x38ø Top
Bottom09ø Bottom12ø Bottom15ø Bottom18ø Bottom20ø Bottom23ø Bottom27ø Bottom30ø Bottom34ø Bottom38ø Bottom41ø Bottom33x33ø Bottom
Qty per box1007550508050503024252550
Price per box
Price per 3-5 boxes
Price per 6-10 boxes
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